Sunday, 7 June 2015

My husband's lack of ability to save

My husband has always been a spendthrift. He has never learned to save. He spends his pay check month after month. He earns about $3,000 more than me every month, so why can't he save when I can??

Granted that he has to pay for the car loan installment and petrol which comes up to $2,000 a month, and he pays for most of our meals which is definitely much less than $1,000 a month..

However, I cannot ignore the fact that he continuously succumbs and buys things which are not necessary... (our house also gets very cluttered as a result but that's besides the point). To give a simple illustration, we have THREE weighing scales. THREE. They are placed beside each other at the entrance of our apartment now. And they cost about $500 in total. He replaces his gadgets so often even when there is nothing wrong with his current gadgets. He buys laptops after laptops, monitors after monitors, computers after computers. He even bought a trek mill for our apartment when we have a gym downstairs!!!!

Why am I so bothered about this?? Well, I have paid about $3,000 in total for consultations during the 9 weeks of my previous pregnancy, and he paid $1,000 as deposit for the d&c. I just got charged $2,000 for the remaining of the d&c fees, and asked if he could contribute. He avoided the question, which really pissed me off. When I asked again, he just said 'what do you want me to do?', which pissed me off even further.

We have always been contributing $1,000 to our joint account for our household expenses, and he didn't contribute this May. I asked him to do it, and he said he has no money. Why? He recently bought a laptop and got charged $4,000. Before he bought the laptop, I had asked him multiple times if his finances could allow it as I trusted him.

You see why I am so angry with him now?? 

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